About Bubble Fun

Bubble Fun NZ is a hire service for those wanting to try the new bubble soccer craze anywhere in the North Island
Looking for things to do?
Bubble fun allows users to play soccer in a new and innovative way whilst bumping, rolling and flipping off your friends and peers
In addition to the traditional Bubble Soccer, there are other games that can
be played with the zorbs, like, Bubble Bull Rush, Bubble Sumo and
Last person Standing, Bubble style. 
Hours of fun, perfect for birthday parties, holiday periods, bachelor parties, team bonding, schools fun days or anyone wanting something new to do their friends or family
Bumper balls can be used by children all the way up to adults
We offer great rates and additional services including delivery and supervision
Available 7 days a week for events of any kind
A full list of our products, pricing, frequent questions and contact details can be found via our home page
Bubble Soccer Hamilton/ Waikato/ North Island