Bubble Fun Terms and Conditions


 Injuries, damage or loss to the hirer, third parties or property

The Hirer cannot claim against the company or owner for any damages of possessions or injury suffered by the customer / third party as a result of the customer / third parties use of the equipment. Furthermore the Hirer will indemnify the owner against any claim made by a third person or party in regards to loss, injury, liability or safety arising from the hire or arising from the use of the equipment


Health and Safety

Any persons who may be pregnant, suffer from neck, back or heart conditions or have had any prior injuries which may render them more at risk of injury from physical activity are encouraged not to participate in any activities


Age, Height & Weight Limits

We recommend children 12+ to use the body zorb’s, as users must be tall enough to have legs stick out the bottom to be able to use the product. There is no maximum age provided you feel you are in good health. There is no minimum weight. Maximum weight limit is 100kgs. Maximum height is 200cm, or if you can use the zorbs without your head sticking out the top


Locations of use for equipment

User must agree to use equipment in a large grass area, park, or smooth indoor / outdoor surface. The field of play must be checked for any items that could damage to any of the equipment


Damage to product

The equipment is extremely durable so damage is unlikely, if the "terms of use" are followed correctly. In the situation that significant damage is caused to the equipment due to misuse by the hirer, then the hirer will be liable to pay for the damages caused to any equipment. Body zorb’s are $650 nzd, other equipment prices vary


Booking / Cancellation 

We require our customers to pay a 20% non refundable deposit to secure a booking. Complete payment has to be made before or on the day of booking. If there's any change to the booking time or date, this has to be done within 2 days to the day of booking.