Bubble Fun-FAQ

Q- Where are you located?
A- We are located in Hamilton New Zealand, however we can offer our services for those wanting to try the craze in other regions. Delivery charges specific to region will apply.
Q- What is bubble soccer?
A- Bubble soccer is giant body zorbs, or inflatable bubbles that users are fastened into whilst safely bumping, rolling and flipping in and around one another. These can typically be used for games of soccer, football, last one standing or any other game you desire.
Q- What can it be used for?
A- Most common uses include bubble soccer, Bull Rush, Bumper ball, Last one standing and Bumper Sumo
Q- What is the age limits?
A- The minimum age is 12. There is no maximum age provided you are in good health.
Q- What is the weight limit?
A- There are no minimum weights, a maximum weight of 100kg will apply.
Q- How long do I hire the items for
A- People have the option to hire for a minimum of 1 hour, all the way up to the whole day, even multiple days if required.
Q- Whats the minimum amount of time
Minimum hire is 1 hour for up to 6 people (Can play with less). Other hire times are shown on our products or pricing page
Q- How much does it cost
A- Minimum cost is $250 for 1 hour of play for up to 6 people
Q- How do i contact you
A- Our contact details including phone number, email and facebook details are provided on our "Contact Us" page. Any one of these means of contact can be used to get in touch with us.
Q- How do i pay
A- Bank transfer is our preferred means of payment.